Recruiting Youth

There is not a stringent requirement to accept students into Polestar Outdoors. Simply complete the Polestar Student Application and a director / mentor will reach out to determine if certain criteria are met and accommodations can be made based on certain activity engagements. Hunting and fishing will have state regulations that must be satisfied before the student can participate, as well as demonstrated firearm proficiency and safety. Shooting competitions must adhere and comply with organizational regulations and may include entry fees, Some activities may involve travel and lodging and will require parental consent (or chaperone) and disclosure of health / dietary restrictions. It is our strong desire that students find activities they wish to participate and pursue. Safety is our primary concern while participating and misbehavior will not be tolerated.

Recruiting Mentors

Mentors are the backbone of this program! Without good mentors willing to commit their time and energies to the youth of the program, there just wouldn’t be a significant outcome.  Therefore, POLESTAR-OUTDOORS places a good deal of energy and effort in recruiting and training men and women for the job.  We further believe that there are many well-qualified adult mentors who can benefit from a relationship with a youth.  With these ideas in mind we are looking for men and women who want to invest in, and learn from youth. So there is a very conscious effort to team mentor/youth with mutually beneficial counterparts.
MENTORS: (selection)
  • Mentors will be selected who have  expressed a willingness and desire to share with youth and specifically have expressed that they want to fit into the parameters of our program.
  • We will recruit both male and female mentors.
  • Mentors will be selected by the Program Director and approved by the Polestar Board of Directors.
  • Potential mentors must submit to a third party background check.

MENTORS: (training)
  • Mentors will be asked to attend 2 sessions where we discuss the overall objectives of POLESTAR and will be offered training in the following areas: (as needed)-
  1. leading outdoor and/or spiritual discussions with a young person
  2. sharing your life story
  3. legal issues, (State and Federal laws)
  4. landowner relations
  5. ethical hunting practices
  6. how to handle discussions of our basic goals

MENTORS: (our expectations)
  • Mentors have demonstrated  safe, ethical and successful hunting skills.
  • Mentors are willing to make a 1 year commitment to work with his/her assigned youth to maximize the chance of success in the field and to provide a longer-term relationship.
  • Mentors will be willing to use their equipment and pay their expenses while serving the youth.

MENTORS: (what they can expect of leader(s))
  • Training
  • Private venues where landowners have bought into POLESTAR-OUTDOOR’S program.
  • Liaison with appropriate State Wildlife agencies (permits where required).
  • Excellent hunting/fishing opportunities—
  1. lots of game
  2. little or no competition
  3. excellent equipment
  4. in-field help at all times

Recruiting Donors

There are several different ways you can become part of the Polestar Outdoors’ team. We do solicit your financial help and we’ll do everything we can to earn your complete confidence. Our financial records will always be available upon request and we  periodically audit our financial statements.

As a 501(c)3 organization we offer receipts on everything donated to us whether tangible or intangible, which may be used for tax reporting purposes. In the case of non-cash donations we will provide a receipt based on the estimated retail value of your gift, unless the cash value is provided by the donor.

Monetary donations via check or money order can be made out to the following:

Polestar Outdoors
P.O. Box 2373
Cody, WY  82414

Donations can also be made via our Paypal account by clicking on the following: